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Ziinga is a penny auction site that operates in multiple different countries. International penny auction sites tend to be quite rare these days because many of the older sites went bust such as bidrivals. But the truth is, many of these countries such as France barely even know about penny auctions, so when you access the French ziinga site, there is a lot less competition.

If you didn’t know, penny auctions are a brand new way of online shopping, in a nutshell – a user will bid on an item that is up for auction, the auction usually starts at $0.01 and goes up in increments of just one penny every time somebody bids. The catch is that each bid will cost more then one penny which is $0.60 on ziinga. There is certainly an element of risk if you don’t play the penny auction correctly which is why we made penny decisions. You can find out more on our what is a penny auction page.

But the unique selling point that ziinga offers is by far their flexibility in allowing users from multiple different countries to join. For instance, we believe ziinga is really the only penny auction site currently in new zealand, there may be other less known sites out there but you should always approach with caution when it comes to those.

Here is a little more info about ziinga -

Ziinga.com is a penny auction website developed in 2009 in the United Kingdom. It operates in other countries including France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United States, South Africa, Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore. Ziinga.com is in the top 500 most visited sites for countries like Canada and Portugal, and in the top 1000 in Turkey, Ireland, New Zealand and others.The website offers consumer electronic products for sale.

Ziinga was founded in 2009 by Flamingo Intervest, Ltd. It is partly run by Auction Management Limited. Flamingo Intervest, Ltd. was acquired by Norway-based security company NIO, Inc. in December 2011.

Source – Wiki

And also from linkedin -

Ziinga.com is owned and managed by Flamingo Intervest Ltd., OMC Chambers, P.O. Box 3152, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands. Our Company is an Online Auction works in partnership with various vendors around the globe to ensure the quality of the products we sell on our site. And because we work directly to vendors our products are guaranteed price competitive and beyond compare to our market value NOW. Products are generally sold for exceptionally low prices, maximum of 95% of the retail price.

Source – http://www.linkedin.com/company/ziinga-com

Clearly ziinga is more popular in some countries then it is in others, this may be due to the reasons above, if you are in a foreign country that ziinga happens to deliver to, then straight away – you already stand a much better chance at winning.

The size of the userbase is always a crucial factor when choosing a penny auction site, simply because you will be bidding against less people, makes sense right? although this is often the case, many penny auction sites put up more items for auction corresponding to how many users they have. The purpose of this is to try and balance it all out so don’t let size deter you every time – we have still won far more on bigger penny auctions then we have on smaller ones.

So lets get started, here is a basis of how ziinga works.

You choose an item that interests you, in this case it’s the Iphone 3G which retails for about £350.

The red number indicates the timer, once the number reaches 0 then the person that bidded last wins the auction. The yellow box indicates the amount of bids there has been ( each bid is one penny )

In this example it shows what happens when you bid, the timer will reset to a number specified in the auction details, in this case it resets to 2:00 however the standard time is about 30 seconds.

Once the time hits 0 and you are the winning bidder then the green button will turn grey and no more bids can be placed.

What we liked about ziinga is their ‘maximum price’ auctions, many penny auction sites don’t have such a feature so in theory they could go on for days and end up costing a fortune. With the ziinga max auctions, that isn’t possible.

The shipping cost will usually depend on the item, items such as televisions can be as much as £20 or $30. So remember this when you are bidding as you want to make sure that you will be saving money.

Winning on ziinga was a mixed bag for us, we have a friend in turkey that that found it very hard to win on ziinga, yet in the UK we didn’t have too much trouble. Again this may be down to ziinga’s popularity in turkey because ziinga is stated to be on of the top 1000 most visited websites in turkey according to wiki.

But during our tests on the UK ziinga, we won 4 items in total with an average saving of about 40 pounds on each item. Which is about $70. Although we did lose on a couple of occasions, the bids lost only amounted to about £30 in total so ziinga was quite successful for us.

You will also be pleased to know that ziinga has adopted the buy it now option -

The ‘Buy it Now’ feature allows you to not leave an auction empty handed. You can purchase the product using the value of the bids you have spent on that product. Please note that the base price for buy it now is 7% higher than the retail price. When you select this option, you pay the balance between the base buy it now price and the value of the bids you have spent. Keep in mind that the buy now price can never be below zero, even if the value of the bids you have spent are more than the retail value of the product.

This function is available to you from the time the auction begins right up to 24 hours after it closes. Once you select this option you have 24 hours to pay for the product.


The shipping on ziinga is just okay, we are not a fan of extra shipping fees however it is very common on penny auction sites. As mentioned above the cost will depend on the item you bid on, small items such as Iphones tend to go for about 10 pound or 18$ which is quite high considering the size. The delivery speed is about 2 weeks on average, atleast it was for us.

Know the shipping costs is very important when it comes to penny auctions, the whole idea of a penny auction site is to save money. That’s why you are reading this right? – you want to save money. So knowing all the little costs and fees before bidding is very important.

We also found the customer service to be quite slow compared to other penny auction sites, this maybe because ziinga operates in so many different countries. But the average wait time was about 48-72 hours for us and sometimes more. Their phone support isn’t much better either with quite long wait times. There is also no live chat on ziinga.

Overall we feel ziinga is a good penny auction site, for users in foreign countries… ziinga is an excellent choice, but even in the UK and the US the rate of winning was still very good. We particularly like their Max auction feature which doesn’t allow the auction to go higher then a set price. Which can be found on the auction page. The shipping and customer service could be better but providing you do your research before you place any bids you shouldn’t have any problems.


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