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zbiddy homepageZbiddy is another penny auction site that is currently only operating in the United States. Having only recently been founded back in 2010, Zbiddy’s reputation is growing at a very fast rate.

By implementing new features such  “Spin the wheel” which allows users to get free bids every 24 hours. Zbiddy is trying to bring a new approach to penny auctions, an approach that we feel is very welcome.

Like every review on this site, Zbiddy has been tested rigorously prior to this post going live, we like to give each penny auction site a chance by using them for at least 6 months before giving our verdict. We tried to win at least 10 items on Zbiddy and won 8 during our review. Some of these items were considered low value items such as gift cards, but we did manage to win an Ipad without too much trouble.

Zbiddy is a penny auction, which means you pay each time you bid, and the last bidder gets the item. The opportunity to win products at a discount is very real; in most cases, the winning bidder pays a fraction of the item’s retail cost. You just have to be smart about when and how you bid since each bid has monetary value.

Penny auctions do get some criticism, but usually it’s from people who expected the site to be like eBay. It’s quite different from eBay. Bids cost 60 cents each on Zbiddy and are purchased in packages when you first sign up. Hope that helps! - http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20120106144705AAXqf0e

The truth is… most penny auctions are winnable, but the real question is how easy it is to actually win auctions. A penny auction site could have the cheapest bids going and free shipping, but if it is hard to win items then we feel it’s pretty pointless to sign up. We look into this more in the review.

This is a cash cow for the zbiddy people but you can make it work for you if you do the math and don’t allow bidding to be influenced by your emotions or ego.

You can easily purchase bids for less that 3¢ each by bidding wisely on bid vouchers. Be sure to take into account the $2.50 ‘shipping’ charge.

Do not get sucked into using EZ-Buddy (their automated bidding) It is programmed to burn up your bids and drive the auction price up. If you see more than two people that are using EZ-Buddy on an auction, DO NOT BID because the auction can not end until all of the EZ-Buddy bids have been used up.

There are probably a dozen Zbiddy users (I call them ‘Zbiddy pinheads’) that will not hesitate to burn hundreds of bids to bid an auction upside down. I don’t know if they’re that stupid or if it is just an ego thing but I’ve seen pinheads bid an item right up to face value! If you do the math that’s auction price + $2.49 (Delivery cost) + at least $4.00 worth of bids.
I just saw a $10 Subway gift card close at $9.09
According to Zbiddy, they saved 9.1% off of MSRP but If you do the math, that’s auction price + $2.49 (Delivery cost) + at least $4.00 worth of bids so they just paid $15.57 for a $10 card. WTF!

I have a list of Zbiddy pinheads and when I see any of them bidding on an auction, I won’t waste my time or money bidding against them. Just watch an item for a couple auctions to see what the closing price is and if it closing at a high price, take note of the winning bidder’s name.

That is the other thing…those auctions bid up at less than $10/hour so an iPad that usually closes between $200-$400 dollars would require that you spend at least 20 hours staring at a computer bidding in the hopes that you ‘might’ win it. In that amount of time, I can earn the money to go down to the Apple store and buy one.

Finally, 99% of bids entered with more than than 2 seconds left on the clock are wasted bids. Those are the people that are paying for the items and making the huge profits for Zbiddy.

Source – http://forums.cnet.com/7723-10157_102-570951/does-zbiddy-really-work-as-it-says-it-does/

This is an interesting post because these “pinhead” bidders that this user talks about are indeed very common on Zbiddy, sometimes you will find users that will bid from start till end, they will just use every single bid they have to win, you want to avoid these people which is discussed more in our penny auction strategies section.


It’s for those very reasons why you see many people making complaints on sites such as scambook or ripoffreport. The fact is these people didn’t play the auctions very smartly, and they start to complain when they don’t win an auction. This is of course very common for penny auction sites because of the nature of how they work.

So lets take a full look at Zbiddy.

We found that winning items wasn’t as hard as we first thought. Because although Zbiddy is quite a new penny auction site, they have a very large userbase. So naturally we thought that there would be more competition but we didn’t find this to be the case. Zbiddy has a big variety of items and this played into our hands. We have talked about it many times on this site about how we like to go for the lower value items because our success rate is often much higher.

Items such as gift cards, books and holidays was particularity successful for us. And these types of auctions are very common on Zbiddy. If you were looking for more expensive items such as televisions, Ipads etc then Zbiddy is still a good choice because there is a vast amount of these items available.

A feature that we really like on Zbiddy is the “Spin the wheel” feature:

What is SpinTheWheel?spinthewheel

A fun & exciting wheel that you get to spin absolutely free as long as you are registered with ZBIDDY. At ZBIDDY, we like to keep the suspense exciting. As a registered member, you get one spin every day for life. So come back daily! – Spin the wheel


* You can spin again after once every 24 hours, unless you win a free spin!
* You get one spin per day for life!
* If you face any loading issues please press Ctrl+R to refresh the page

The best part about this feature is that you always win, whether you win 10 bids or just 1 bid, it’s still a very nice addition and no other penny auction site gives away as many free bids as Zbiddy does. We have had hundreds of free bids from using the spin the wheel feature daily.

There is also the buy it now feature:

How do I take advantage of the Buy It Now option!

You can use the Buy It Now feature to purchase any product at any time during the auction. If you have placed bids on an auction, the bids you have used on the auction will be discounted from the value price. Buy It Now purchases will not count toward your daily win limit. Because there is no limit to the Buy It Now feature, the auction will continue even if a user chooses to Buy It Now.

To take advantage of the Buy It Now option simply click the line on the lower right hand side of the Auction Page. You are not required to bid on an auction in order to Buy It Now. If you have bid on the auction, you have two hours from the close of the auction to take advantage of the Buy It Now option.

Below is an example of how the Buy It Now price is calculated.

Value Price: $75.00
Discount: Bids Placed x Bid Price: 100 x $0.60 = $60.00
Buy It Now Price: Shipping/Taxes + $15.00


The Buy It Now price will change every time you place a bid.

- http://www.zbiddy.com/help-for-newcomers.html#39

The buy it now option favors aggressive bidders because they will often bid as often as possible and use the buy it now option if they don’t win. This is a viable strategy and quite common, however your chances of saving money are less likely. Nonetheless, the buy it now feature is very important and will come in handy if you have used a lot of bids so make sure you know exactly how it works.

Beginner Auctions

Beginner-auctionsOne thing we did really like about Zbiddy is their beginner auctions. In these auctions you will only bid against other new bidders, and there will be a lot less of them which means the ease of winning is much easier.

Once you win however, you can no longer participate. But these auctions are great way of learning how penny auctions work.

The items don’t tend to be as good as the ones in the regular auctions but they are still not bad. We won a 100 bids voucher without placing too many bids so the beginner auctions worked very well for us.

The cost of bids are $0.60 each which is a very competitive price. Most penny auction sites won’t be priced much lower then that except possibly Dealdash.

Shipping And Delivery

Shipping is an important factor when it comes to choosing a penny auction site, many sites won’t tell you that there will be delivery charges on top of what you spent on the auction, it’s important to know exactly what everything will cost so you know how much you will be saving.

The shipping is generally pretty good on Zbiddy, although there are shipping charges on most of the items, we found these fees to be quite lower then other penny auction sites. Items such as gift cards, vouchers etc were generally about $2-3. The bigger items such as Ipads were about $5-8. All the shipping charges for each item will be stated on the auction page so you know what everything will cost.

The actual delivery time was about 2 – 3 weeks. Most of the items we won were quite small so bigger items may take longer. 2 – 3 weeks is the average delivery time on penny auction sites. It could be better but it’s not the worst either.


So Zbiddy is clearly right up there with the other top penny auction sites.  We feel that for beginners, Zbiddy is a great choice due to their beginner auctions and helpful guides. But not only that, the ease of winning was surprisingly very good due to such a large selection of different items.

The introduction of their “Spin the wheel” was a very nice addition indeed. Everybody wants free bids, even better when you can get them at a click of a button. The shipping was also pretty good, it certainly could better due to the shipping speed and delivery charges but it is defiantly not the worst either. So all in all, Zbiddy is a great addition to the penny auction industry.

Here are some winners from Zbiddy:

I bought a monitor for $3.13. I took me 45 bids to win it which is 45 times $0.60 per bid equals $27. It also cost $20 to ship it, for a grand total of $50.13 for a 22 inch LED monitor…that would be about 66% off the prices I’ve compared it to. Not a bad deal I think. Do the math people…



From sitejabber:

I have seen a user here bad mouthing about the company. I have been a member of Zbiddy since last 8 months and I have won couple of items including an iphone. Guys, one needs a good strategy and patience to win on penny auction sites like zbiddy. Those who blame the site are the LOSERS!!

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