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Win PS4′s & Xbox One’s

Penny Auctions Make Playstation 4 and XBOX One Affordable

ps4With the holiday seasons quickly approaching you’re probably starting to scramble a bit. The cost of living keeps rising, the economy is in the tank, and it just keeps getting harder and harder to make ends meet.

But, if you’re like the average person, you or someone in your life wants the latest and greatest video game systems. With price tags for both consoles starting around $400 it can put a heavy burden on even the healthiest of budgets.

When you consider the fact that a $400 price tag doesn’t even include a game or second controller it becomes apparent that upgrading to one of these systems can cost $500 or more. Unless you’re rolling in the dough it’s going to be difficult to save up for one of these systems. Even if you do have disposable income, though, it’s always nice to save money. So, what can you do to get one of these systems without having to shell out that kind of money?

Penny Auctions to the Rescue

Penny auction websites became rather popular in the mid 2000’s. The concept is rather enticing. First, you place a bid, stating what you’re willing to pay for the item that’s up for auction. Then, if you win the auction, you get to buy it for that price. Their known as “Penny Auctions” because a bid will typically increase the final sales price of the item by one cent.

For instance, if you were looking to purchase a PS4 you would navigate to a penny auction site, find one that is still up for grabs, and place your starting bid. Most auctions start at just one cent. When others place their bids the price of the item increases, again, until the auction is over. Depending on how aggressive the competition was, you could end up winning your Playstation 4 for just a few dollars. If the competition was incredibly fierce it could be a few hundred.

PS4 and XBOX One Combo Packs Are Available, Too!

Many times special edition systems will be listed on these sites. Sony recently released a special, limited edition, Playstation 4 bundle that included the popular MMO Destiny, as well as a second controller. The system retails for around $500. Those using penny auction sites to their fullest extent have won the systems at prices of $100 to $200, reducing the cost as much as eighty percent.


The XBOX One recently had a special bundle released, as well. Microsoft developed and launched a popular title known as Titanfall. When the bundle was introduced many retailers sold out through pre-orders alone. Those who were hoping to obtain one of these bundles were out of luck. You would have to pay inflated prices buying the system from those who already had it and were hoping to resell it for a profit, or, pass on the system altogether.

Savvy users of penny auction sites knew that they had an alternative. Many were able to win the system at prices similar to those listed above for the PS4 Destiny bundle, meaning that they not only saved money on the system, but were also able to obtain it when it was sold out at virtually every retailer in the United States.

Are You Guaranteed to Save Money on Gaming Systems with Penny Auctions?

Like all great things in life there’s no guarantee that this will work for you. By bidding intelligently, though, you increase your chances of winning a Playstation 4 or XBOX One at significantly reduced costs. Don’t bid more than you’re comfortable paying and you won’t find yourself in a situation where you’ve spent more than you would have at a brick and mortar retailer.

It’s also important to keep an eye on the timing of individual auctions. The competition heats up as the auction nears its end. Start bidding early to increase your chances of winning your game system at the best possible price.

Finally, don’t hesitate to look for promotional or coupon codes, as many penny auction sites offer them during holidays or for first time users. By approaching the bidding process intelligently and cautiously you will be much more likely to win your brand new electronics for a crazy discount, and that will make it feel that much better when you sit down to play.

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