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Shipping-InformationShipping can be a very important factor when choosing a penny auction site. Some sites will charge extra shipping fees which usually depend on the size of the item. So before you bid on anything, it’s important you know what these fees might be.

The other factor is the actual speed in which the items get to you, the average delivery time is about 2-3 weeks with most penny auction sites, there are some that deliver much faster and others longer etc. But again, a lot of this depends on what the item is.

Many penny auction sites don’t do enough to warn the bidder that there could be shipping charges on top of what they paid for the item. The whole point of penny auctions is to save money, so working out what everything will cost is very important. Some sites offer free delivery which is a big bonus, we will touch on those later.

Most penny auction sites use USPS for the US only sites and FedEx for other countries.

Not making it clear that if you do win the auction, you still have to pay the winning bid amount plus shipping (perhaps at inflated prices) and sometimes even a transaction fee.

Failing to send out the item to the winner, or seriously delaying shipping.

Read more – http://www.scambusters.org/pennyauctions.html

Many penny auction sites only ship to certain countries, this can be frustrating, especially for those in Europe. The good news though is that many are expanding such as Happy Bidday -

Source – http://finance.yahoo.com/news/happybidday-com-penny-auction-now-184900424.html

HappyBidDay.com, a leading discount penny auction website with offices in Delaware and South Florida has opened up shipping to Canadian customers this week. The company provides an exciting online shopping experience where consumers can bid on a variety of products for ­ significant discounts. And now, Canadian customers can join the fun of HappyBidDay’s competitive online auction shopping experience.

If your from the United states then we only recommend choosing a penny auction site that is for US residents only, simply because of less competition. Dealdash is a great example and is a highly recommended site, you can check out dealdash review here.

Having said that, some penny auction sites such as quibids have country based auctions only, so if your from Australia you can’t bid on auctions in the US or UK.

First: Australia auctions are not open to Canada or U.S. customers.

With the exception of Global Auctions —which are not currently operating on our site— all QuiBids auctions are separated by country. Australian customers only bid against Australian customers, just as Canadian customers only bid against Canadian customers. It operates the same way in the U.S. As such, not all items are available across all of our markets. So if you see an item on the blog or advertised somewhere online but can’t find it on the website, it could be because it’s simply not available in your market.

We’re always working to build more and more relationships with vendors to cast a wider net with our products, but some items are simply impossible to move in a way that makes for a sustainable business.

- See more at: http://blog.quibids.com/quibids-australia-what-you-need-to-know/

Here is a list of the most well known penny auction sites are where they ship to:


Madbid is our number one choice if your from Europe, they ship to: Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Ireland and the United Kingdom. The delivery time on Madbid is actually the best we have come across. Sometimes your items can be received in less then 1 week which is far better then most penny auction sites.


Dealdash is also our number one choice if your from the states. We explain why in our review, but the fact that they have free shipping is a huge bonus and really increases your savings. Dealdash ships to 48 continental states excluding Hawaii and Alaska.


Beezid is a great site if you don’t live in Europe or the US, because Beezid pretty much ships to every country. The shippings fees could end up being very expensive though so make sure you contact support to ask what it would cost to send items to your country.


UPDATE: As of January 14 2012, QuiBids now offers free shipping on all  products for U.S. customers, whether won at auction or purchased via Buy Now or at the QuiBids Store! We do still reserve the right to add a shipping charge to any product at any time however, though we will make that explicit on the item’s auction and product pages. – See more at: http://blog.quibids.com/quibids-shipping-what-you-need-to-know/


Zbiddy is another of our favorites.  They currently only ship to the US however they have now said multiple times that they are looking to start shipping to the Europe. Zbiddy also offers item tracking and each the delivery time is usually about 2-3 weeks.

So we have covered all the sites that you will be able to use depending on your country. If your in Europe then we recommend madbid, if your from the United States then Dealdash is a great bet. And if you live elsewhere then Beezid is also a good choice.

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