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Oopad Review

Oopad logoOopad.com is a relatively new penny auction site to the UK market having only recently started trading in early 2014. However, that’s not to say that they are new to penny auctions in general,

in fact,  Oopad has been making inroads over in France for over 5 years and are currently the biggest and most established penny auction site currently going across the channel.

So after four successful years operating in France, Oopad has decided to expand to the UK, whilst there is moderate competition from other penny auction sites in the UK, we still feel there is room for many more similar sites to enter the UK market… because after all, this can only be a good thing for us – the bidders!

Here at Penny Decisions, we love to see new penny auctions pop up because this usually means their user-base isn’t as strong as… say Quibids or Dealdash. So in theory because there is much less competition, theres much more chances of winning.

Oopad-homepageWe have talked about this many times throughout the Penny Decisions blog and whilst it is true 90% of the time, you still have to be very careful on which site you choose as scamming is a big issue in this industry. Is it a good idea to sign up to a penny auction site that just started trading last week? almost certainly not, because their userbase will mean they will make a lost nearly every single time so try and stay clear of those sites.

But when a well established site such as Oopad opens to a new country, it is usually a fantastic opportunity to sign up as your chances of winning are far higher if you decided to wait. This is simply because the penny auction site is trying to build a reputation the first couple of months whilst they build their userbase so even if they make a lost, it’s not the end of the world for them.

Oopad.com is a French company directed by a team of webentrepreneurs coming from Engineering and Business Grandes Ecoles. After several successful experiences in the field of entrepreneurship, notably on the web, the team gained expertise in the e-commerce business and decided to put forward a new and innovative conception of shopping. Oopad.com achieved a first fundraising in order to provide its members with a top quality service.

As an e-commerce website, Oopad.com calls upon sector professionnals as for its communications or payment methods (Oopad.com works with Secure Payment leaders PayPal and HiPay) so that its members enjoy the best conditions of use of its services. In addition, and in order to guarantee its users as to the cogency and safety of its services, Oopad.com works with a bailiff in charge of saving all data concerning the auctions processed on the website.

Read more – http://en-gb.oopad.com/Y/CMS/About.aspx


Oopad has moderately priced bids at a very reasonable £.50 per unit, this is actually below the usual price of £0.60. Furthermore this goes down to £0.40 per bid if you buy some of the larger packages which is certainly recommended as their minimum pack (6 bids) would rarely be enough to win unless you get very lucky. We feel these prices are competitive and cheaper then most other penny auction sites so no qualms here.

The most important part of any penny auction site is to know how easy it is to actually win items. That’s what most of you came here to know right? well there is good news and bad news, the good news is that we found items far easier to win on Oopad then many other penny auction sites and it cost us significantly less bids. The bad news is that there isn’t currently that many auctions running and this is mainly down to lack of bidders.

However, the items that they do list are actually very good, some of these include; playstation 4′s, Samsung 55″ smart TV’s, Iphone 5′s, top of the range digital camera’s etc. Most of the items are of general interest, afterall… who wouldn’t want a brand new Samsung 55″ Smart television.

During our time on Oopad, we managed to win a Sony Xperia Z2 which cost us 127 bids to win (£50.80) so there was a nice profit on that one, and we also managed to win a 1,000 bid pack that we got very lucky on with only 34 bids used. Although these were two very good wins, we did try and win a couple of other items unsuccessfully which was mainly due to not having the best strategy in place.

We found the customer service to be pretty good, although there is no live chat. We rung the customer service number multiple times and wasn’t put on hold once. Whilst testing Oopad we didn’t run into any problems so we can’t comment too much on how helpful they were in that department, however after doing some research on French community forums, most of the times the customer got their problem solved without too much trouble.

The delivery times was 2 weeks and it cost us £5.99 for the delivery of a mobile phone.

So overall we feel Oopad is a pretty good penny auction site and one we feel that is welcome in the UK, one thing is for certain, the site is not a scam as we have proved. It’s quite doubtful whether they will be as successful over in the UK as they are in France as that seems to be their main focus right now. We will update this review depending on how popular Oopad gets over the next  coming year.

As mentioned though, the best time to sign up is now while there isn’t too much competition as your chances of winning are far greater.

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