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As always with our penny auction reviews, we review the site for about 5 months before publishing our review. And in this case it was no different, we spent about $500-600 on Ibid2save and the results left a lot to be desired to say the least. Many of you have also contacted us about Ibid2save about having similar problems as us as we will explain later.


Usually here on penny decisions we defend penny auction sites quite a lot due to the nature of how they work. There IS a chance that you will never win, because these sites are generally for the most part – luck based. But that doesn’t mean that the sites are scams. Some are however, there’s no doubt about that.

Which unfortunately brings us on to Ibid2save. We found this site to be one of if not the worst penny auction site that we’ve used. Mainly because of the ‘Auction fees’ that they put on their auctions, these fees ranged from $10 to as much as $90 which is just ridicules.

See this post from sitejabber that had the same problems -

Keep in mind, I’m not a real big fan of these penny auction sites to begin with. BUT, Ibid2save has got to be the WORST one I’ve come across so far. Sure they entice you with a few hundred “free” promo bids every once in awhile. But, in the end, you pay dearly out of pocket. Win an auction…you’re out the bids you bought + pay the winning bid amount + pay an auction fee + pay handling fee = I paid too much. It really hits home when you win on specific items (other than gift cards) AND if you win bid packs/promo bids.

I won a cheaply made hello kitty necklace for 17 cents but the auction fee was $11.99 plus handling fee of $1.99. I was so excited to win a 1000 bid promo pack for $1.13 but the auction fee was $54.99 plus a handling fee. Kinda rains all over your parade when you think you’ve just gotten the best deal ever. My honest opinion is to just stay away…it’s not worth the effort OR the money.

Read More – http://www.sitejabber.com/reviews/www.ibid2save.com

We feel for this guy because we had a similar experience, we thought we won a gift card for $2.38 and then out of nowhere Ibid2save slammed a $30 auction fee on top which means we really didn’t make any savings at all, this isn’t just a bad business practice, this is simply a scam.

More examples of these hidden auction fees.

You have to be very careful here… there is a huge hidden fee that only shows up on one small line at the end just before checkout. Thought I won 25 cent auction, clicked through a little too fast and didn’t read the fine print. Ended up paying $9.25 because of the auction fee.

I got an email from someone on how to make money on the internet. One was to get on this site. you get 25 free bids. Well, with that 25 bids, I won almost every auction including trips to the carribean, I think a total of around 7000.00 retail. they want me to pay 60-90 doillars for each one to claim the prize. No one else was bidding on these. it was to easy. It was fun to win and hope for a bit but I have a sneaky feeling if I pay the fee I am not going to get the prizes or they will keep my debit card on file. I have to go with my gut and say this site is some kind of scam. I am going to leave it alone. Anyone else have this problem?

More More – http://www.reviewopedia.com/ibid2save-reviews

There are many of these posts all over these types of sites. So it’s a very common problem and one that we often see with less known penny auction sites. As we’ve mentioned before, so many new penny auction sites go bust simply because they don’t have enough people bidding on the items, so they will make loses everytime because each item is only going for one penny.

So eventually we received our gift card after reluctantly paying the auction fee for the sake of this review, and to make matters worst the gift card had expired and was not usable. So we tried to contact them which wasn’t easy, we were put on hold multiple times. They then told us that they don’t accept refunds or returns on items such as gift cards. So we were left with an unusable gift card and $32.37 out of pocket.

BBB LogoSome people haven’t even received their item whatsoever as we take a look at this post from the BBB

Complaint: I won a $20 giftcard from this site. Paid in full and even called the company about this. They still never sent the giftcard.
I won a $20 giftcard from this site. Paid in full and even called the company about this. They still never sent the giftcard. Even after they had accused me of self referring to claim bids, they did a review of my account and had unbanned me on two different occasions.
I then called twice about the giftcard and was told twice that it would be sent. I Ordered the giftcard back in january. In order to get the order info i will need to contact them by phone and i will provide the proof here as soon as its sent to me by them, as they dont allow you to look at orders older then 3 months. – See more at: http://www.bbb.org/charlotte/business-reviews/internet-shopping/ibid2save-in-charlotte-nc-284954/complaints#sthash.0f7Y0I3H.dpuf

So if all these hidden auction fees and not-as-described products wasn’t bad enough, they also don’t even send the item out? It’s sites like these that give penny auctions a bad reputation. It is simply fraud when you pay for an item and don’t receive and this guy was right to complain to the BBB.

Is this site a scam for you to, I spent all day trying on a tv up n down 2,355 bids wasted this is a horrible experience does anyone have the same here???

See, the thing is once people start to realize this in the long run ib2s is doomed. I’m sorry to say, but it’s true. What’s a gazillion of bids if everyone has them? Prices will go close to retail that’s what will happen. Ib2s I urge you to figure out a new strategy before this one starts to go down. I don’t want to see anyone fail, but this isn’t going to work in the long run. I’m not a mathematician and I figured it out quickly. Remember, there are good and bad things about every type of bidder but almost worthless bids do no good in the end. Start brainstorming now. Good luck!

More – http://www.pennyauctionwatch.com/forum/penny-auction-site-bidder-reviews-discussion/18480-ibid2save-com-2-355-bids-one-item-still-did-not-win.html

This is a very good point, Ibid2save attempts to lure potential customers by offering hundreds if not thousands of free bids, but the problem is… everyone else will also have thousands of these free bids so what you end up with is each bidder just bidding hundreds and hundreds of bids on an item, it just doesn’t work.

We feel there is no point in going into any of the features on this site because for us, the site was simply a scam. We highly recommend that you do not sign up to this sign due to the reasons mentioned above.  Having hidden auction fees alone is a reason to stay well clear of Ibid2save because the whole of penny auctions is to try and save money which just isn’t possible when they stick a fee on top.

Do not fall for videos such as this:

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