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Free Bids

Free Bids

Ask any penny auction user what he wants the most and he would tell you “free bids”, the main reason for this is simple! you have the chance to win items for nothing! free bids can sometimes be hard to obtain depending on the penny auction site, however today we will share with you some of the best methods for getting free bids.

You may ask yourself why penny auction sites would give away free bids in the first place. Well, this is usually because they are trying to entice more users to their site, but also because they don’t want any of their current users to leave as this is the main reason for penny auction sites going bust. This was also covered in our previous post on the buy it now feature.

There are many ways of getting free bids, some of these are; coupon codes, social media promotions such as facebook pages, twitter accounts etc, email newsletters can also sometimes include free bids, and quite often you will receive free bids if you purchased a large bid pack which can also be called “bonus bids”.

Penny Decisions will try and get as many free bids as possible, we sometimes get offered free bids from certain penny auction sites that are exclusive, so be sure to check back for those.

Heres an interesting article on free bids – http://www.bestpennyauctionsites.org/best-penny-auctions-for-free-bids/

First, let’s talk about why there’s no such thing as ‘free’, especially in the competitive world of penny auction bidding. While many sites give out free bids in one way or another, these giveaways usually benefit the auctions more than you might think. Most free penny auction bid programs are designed to draw back bidders, the same way that casinos do to draw back  whales. We recommend taking advantage of free bids, but not basing your entire bidding strategy behind it.

Heres another informative answer from yahoo answers -

My favorite is Barginbids.com they give you 10 free bids, then if you talk to the live help they give you 10 more, then if you like their Facebook page you get 20 more and follow them on twitter you get 20 more. So you get 60 bids just to start. It even gets better. When you sign up not only do you get $20.00 off your first auction win, you can get double your bids with your first bid pack purchase of $30.00 or more if you talk to live help and ask them for the promo for new members.

Not only do you get all of this they have live help. I don’t know many penny auction sites where you can get this many perks and spend virtually nothing

That is a great example of how you can get free bids, the formula above works for nearly every penny auction site. Talking to live help is a great little trick to get free bids, just say something like “I’m interested in signing up to this site, is there any bonuses I receive?” something along the lines of that will usually bring a response with a free bids coupon.

A video about penny auction free bids -

A few comments from the video -

TheIwishiwerebane132 wrote: “it is hard to find UK Penny Auctions, most are USA, so thanks for this

Genevieve Hayes wrote “been looking for a new penny auction uk site for a while, thanks.”

Philip Loiselle wrote “thanks for the free bids”

Another good way of getting free bids that are exclusive is signing up to newsletters, heres an example from the quibids blog

One of the simplest ways to get free bids on QuiBids is by subscribing to the Weekly Newsletter.  Every week, QuiBids sends out a newsletter that highlights a few great deals that were won in the previous week, in addition to showcasing some upcoming auctions on QuiBids.  Not only will you receive information about recently sold and upcoming auctions, but you will also get the latest scoop on new QuiBids site features, contests and promotions, and much more!   Once you’re subscribed to the QuiBids Weekly Newsletter, you will earn the QuiZette Badge and 3 FREE bids!

To subscribe to the QuiBids Weekly Newsletter, simply go to your My QuiBids page, select “My Account,” and scroll down to Email Preferences. Or you can subscribe to our email list via our Facebook page here.

- see more at : http://blog.quibids.com/free-bid-opportunities-to-incorportate-into-your-quibids-strategy/

Of course 3 bids won’t exactly set the world on fire but other penny auction sites will offer much more so it’s good to look around.

But by far the best way of getting free bids is through coupon codes, some of these coupons can you give up to 50 – 100 bids a time. Here are some that worked for us:

Dealdash – 50 free bids

Coupon: bonus50

Zbiddy – 50 free bids

Coupon: bonus50

Bidcactus – 75 free bids



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