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Dealdash is the second largest penny auction site in the world. Only slightly behind Quibids in terms of the number of registered users.Founded back in 2009, they also happen to be one of longest running penny auction sites currently online.

Along the way Dealdash also bought the domain name for the first ever penny auction site ‘swoopo.com’ back in 2012 which now redirects to the official dealdash website.

From Wiki -

DealDash launched in the United States in February 2009 and has stayed in business longer than any other similar auction site and become one of the largest companies to operate in its field. Its unique selling proposition is that if a customer loses an auction they can purchase the item they were bidding at for a regular retail price and get a full refund on the bids placed in the auction, thus eliminating the risk that usually exists in pay-to-participate auctions.

According to AdWeek and research from SocialBakers, for research covering the period May 1 until May 13, 2013, DealDash was the most talked about brand in the world on Facebook’s “People Talking About This” metric

Dealdash-HomepageThat last line is very interesting indeed, because every well known penny auction site is on the social networks such as Twitter, facebook etc and Dealdash has over 1.2 million likes.

That is more likes then pretty much all of the main penny auction sites combined, so it’s pretty clear that Dealdash is the flagship penny auction site right now.

The real downside to Dealdash though is the fact that they only ship to the United States. So if you’re an American then you can count yourself lucky here. Because the truth is, Dealdash is by far the best penny auction site we have reviewed, theres no doubt about it. We will discuss why in this review, but it’s mainly down to their very cheap bids (70% cheaper then other sites) and some of their exclusive features that are just too good to pass up.

I’ve had a lot of fun. I’ve won more than I spent, so I guess that’s a good thing. Having stuff show up at my door is like Christmas in July! I like getting cool stuff!

I’ve only had one problem so far. A glitch with their BidBuddy system. I’ve entered bids into their BidfBuddy, I had no “Cancel” button available to me to get out of the auction. It’s happened more than once. Most recently was when I entered 500 bids on an item and couldn’t get out of the auction. All I could do was watch my bids tick away! I reported it to their technical team to dispute the number of bids I lost. I’ll give an update whatever the outcome…stay tuned.

Okay, like I said, here’s the update: DealDash Support made note of the glitch and credited me back 95% of bids I lost due to the malfunction. I updated my rating to 5 star and have been extremely satisfied with the site and their support team. DealDash Rocks! IMO – Sitejabber

On many penny auction sites you will find very mixed reviews from bidders because of the nature of how the sites work. However, with Dealdash we found that most of their users were very happy with the service they received. Recent polls suggest that out of all the top penny auction sites – Dealdash comes out on top in terms of winning, cost of bids, support, shipping etc.

So lets dive into the most important aspects surrounding Dealdash -


Ask any bidder what the most important aspect of a penny auction site is and he will tell you “The ease of winning items”. Dealdash has introduced new features such as the “No jumper feature”  which make winning items much easier then before. Not only that but their cost of bids is by far the lowest in the industry which is certainly the main attraction towards the site.

Cheap Bids

On Dealdash you can sometimes get bids for a little as $0.15. However this is only on special days of the year, usually the bids are around $0.17 each which is  70%  lower then the average penny auction bidding price. This alone is the reason why Dealdash is succeeding so well in the penny auction industry, no other sites can compete with that price.

Dealdash runs ‘special prices’ like in the picture above very often so try and look at for those.

But what also impressed us was the new “No Jumpers” feature:

No Jumper™ auctions have fewer bidders and end earlier

No Jumper™ auctions is a new type of auction that makes winning easier.

After $5.00, new bidders can’t enter the auction

The big difference between No Jumper™ auctions and normal auctions is that new bidders can’t enter the auction after $5.00. This means you won’t have to compete with users that didn’t bid in the auction from the start, before the price reached $5.00.

Winning auctions just got much easier

The most common customer frustration we’ve heard in the last 3 years is that winning is too hard. With No Jumper™ auctions, we’re changing this. From a business standpoint we expect this to mean smaller profits per each auction, but we hope that you will enjoy the easier wins and bigger savings, and come back more often.

Save more money, and enjoy less competition

Bid on No Jumper™ auctions! You’ll have fewer competing bidders, and you’ll need less bids to win.

From what we have seen, no other penny auction site is doing this. The no jumpers feature is exclusive to Dealdash right now and its a very nice addition indeed. You see, the main problem when it comes to winning items on penny auctions is when you are bidding for a while and you beat a bidder your up against, only… all of a sudden another guy will jump in and start bidding which can be very frustrating, with the new no jumpers feature you don’t have this problem which is huge.


Even though Dealdash has a massive userbase, we found that winning items was easier then we first thought. With more users comes more items, otherwise you will have loads of people bidding on the same item which Dealdash has done a very good job of preventing.

Other features include the bidbuddy:

What is the BidBuddy?

The BidBuddy allows you to bid on auctions even when you can’t be on the computer yourself. It will automatically place bids for you within last seconds of the auction clock. It’s also a safe way to make sure you don’t lose an auction if you get distracted or have problems with your internet connection.
Here’s how you use the BidBuddy:
1.    Add the number of bids you want to place and click Book a BidBuddy from the auction page.
2.    As long as you have bids left in your BidBuddy, it’ll place a bid for you within the last seconds of the auction if you’re not the highest bidder.
3.    If you win with your BidBuddy, the unused bids will of course be returned into your account. You can also cancel the remaining bids on your BidBuddy at anytime.

This feature is just an autobidder which we explain more about on our bidding tools page.  We didn’t use this too often because we like to be in full control of what we are bidding on but some bidders love these autobidding tools.
And of course, the buy it now feature:

  • We feel that the biggest problem with penny auctions is that the bidders who don’t win the auction, lose their bids and leave the auction empty handed.


  • On DealDash, bidders that don’t win the auction, can buy an identical item for its normal fixed price using the Buy it Now, and get all the bids they used back for free.


  • When you use the Buy it Now on DealDash, you always get all your bids back for free. The pricing is competitive and many times you end up paying less than you would at a typical retail store. Plus, you still have a chance of winning those great deals.


  • Having the Buy it Now option makes DealDash the risk-free, fair & honest alternative to penny auction sites!

The buy it now feature is fantastic for saving money, its the difference between a bad penny auction site and a good one, it really is that important. There is nothing worse then bidding over 100-200 bids and losing empty handed. With the buy it now feature you can use the bids you placed on the auction to pay the item at the RRP.

For example Gracie from yahoo wrote -

I have a lot of experience with penny auctions, with DealDash, Beezid, Quibids and with the other big boys in this industry. DealDash and all the other reputable penny auction sites are not a scam simply because their business model makes profit. Most of the people who register on penny auction sites don’t know the rules and they end up losing money. If you take 10 minutes of your time and read how these penny auctions work you will find that some of the items auctioned have a “Buy Now” at retail price option. If you lose all your bids on an auction with this option you can buy the item at the retail price – worth of bids placed so you have nothing to lose. NOTE! Not all auctions have this option. Bid only on these auctions!

When you combine all these features together, the chances of winning on Dealdash is greater then many other penny auctions.

Free-DeliveryThe shipping on Dealdash is very good, they are one of the few penny auction sites that don’t charge any delivery fees, everything is completely free no matter what the item is. This really makes the difference because we have won televisions from other sites with delivery costs of over $20. Not great when the idea is to save money.

The shipping time is usually around 3 weeks. This depends on the item, we found the smaller lower value items didn’t take much longer then 1 – 2 weeks, the bigger items were generally about 3 weeks. Again, the speed could be faster but the free delivery certainly makes up for it.


Overall, when you look at the cost of bids, ease of winning, features and the free shipping, its pretty clear to see why Dealdash is starting to become the most popular penny auction site. We like how they focus on whats important… you – the bidder. The launch of their new “No jumpers” feature is a great example of the company putting profits to one side and focusing on keeping their customers happy.  We found that with this feature, the ease of winning was better then many other penny auction sites. And when you add in the very low price they charge per bid… it’s hard to look past Dealdash when choosing a penny auction site.

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What the owner had to say from businesswire:

“I created DealDash after using other penny auction sites and coming away disappointed with my bids gone and no product. I knew there had to be a better way,” commented William Wolfram, founder & CEO of DealDash. “DealDash is the fair and honest auction site that makes sure our customers are satisfied with every auction –their bids are fully refunded if they use Buy It Now and our hundreds of thousands of customers are a testament to the quality of the DealDash experience.”

From linkedin

DealDash has won numerous private and government rewards (Timangi 2011 organized by TEM) as well as being nominated by Wired magazine in 2011 as one of Europe’s hottest startups. The company is financially stable and backed by well-known, internationally sought after private investors.

Dealdash Blog

“I have had a wonderful experience with this website. I was a little leary at first but I have had nothing but good experiences with this site and their customer service department. I have had a couple of issues but they were resolved quickly and in my interest, the customer. They really do value their customers and put the customer first. This is so hard to find these days. They were not just interested in their bottom line but in me as a customer and an individual. I was not just another number like so many companies tend to make me feel. I really appreciate seeing the old but good values of the past in DealDash.”

-Tiffani E, 12/4/2013

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