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Winning Gift Cards

If we added up all the items that we have won on penny auction sites, gift cards would be top of the list by quite a distance. There are many reasons for this, such as gift cards being very common, it’s rare that you won’t find a gift card up for auction, if you can’t [...]

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Penny Auction Statistics

Not everyone loves statistics, we’ll be the first to admit that! however many of you have requested that we show some stats about penny auctions. When you use these statistics correctly, you will be able to see a pattern and hopefully it will help you choose the right moment when it comes to bidding.
There are [...]

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How Penny Auction Sites Make Money

We are seeing many new penny auction sites going bust recently so we thought we’d make a post about exactly how penny auction sites make their money. In reality the top penny auction sites are making great money because they simply have a big user base. Whilst other new sites struggle to get enough bids [...]

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Electronic Items

The most popular and common item you will see on penny auction sites are electronic items. These could be anything from televisions, Ipads, phones, camera’s etc. Obviously the reason for this is because these are the items that most people sign up for. Sure winning a book is nice, but it doesn’t exactly compare to [...]

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Shipping can be a very important factor when choosing a penny auction site. Some sites will charge extra shipping fees which usually depend on the size of the item. So before you bid on anything, it’s important you know what these fees might be.
The other factor is the actual speed in which the items get [...]

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Bidding Tools

Bidding tools can be an effective way of helping you win penny auctions. But, when used incorrectly they could have potential devastating results which could leave you seriously out of pocket. In this post we will look into how to use these tools effectively so that you don’t get into any difficulty.
Nearly every penny auction [...]

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Winning Cars

Cars? CARS! yes, that’s right. You can win cars on many penny auction sites. Anything from cheap family cars to high flying sport mobiles. There have been many people that have claimed to have won cars and one thing has to be said… they were very lucky, very lucky indeed. When it comes to vehicles [...]

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Future Of Penny Auctions

Now, many people love penny auctions. If they had their way… they would want penny auctions to replace traditional auction sites such as ebay! whereas others can’t stand penny auctions and will do anything they can do stop people from signing up due to their belief that the sites aren’t legit.
It’s those people that make [...]

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Legit Penny Auctions

The most asked question by far when it comes to penny auctions is “Are they legit?”, “Do they scam you?” or something similar. The answer is easy, no. They don’t. However, there are literally hundreds of penny auctions popping up weekly, these new penny auction sites can often be scams.
On penny decisions we will try [...]

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Free Bids

Ask any penny auction user what he wants the most and he would tell you “free bids”, the main reason for this is simple! you have the chance to win items for nothing! free bids can sometimes be hard to obtain depending on the penny auction site, however today we will share with you some [...]

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