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Penny Auctions History

Penny Auctions: A History
Penny auctions or bidding fee auctions, are an online type of all-pay auction that charges the bidder a fee for every incremental bid that is placed. These bids only last for a couple of seconds after the final bid is placed and the last bid to be made wins the item. The [...]

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Win PS4′s & Xbox One’s

Penny Auctions Make Playstation 4 and XBOX One Affordable
With the holiday seasons quickly approaching you’re probably starting to scramble a bit. The cost of living keeps rising, the economy is in the tank, and it just keeps getting harder and harder to make ends meet.
But, if you’re like the average person, you or someone [...]

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Penny Auction Promo Codes

Did You Know You Could Save Big with Penny Auction Promo Codes?
Whether you’ve only heard of them on TV or you know someone who’s actually won expensive items, you’re undoubtedly aware of penny auction sites by now. They’ve become increasingly popular and people have a lot of different opinions on them.
One of the biggest debates [...]

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Win DSLR Cameras on Penny Auctions

These days everyone has a camera built into their cell phone. Everyone’s a photographer, and everyone’s looking to share the latest and greatest pictures.
There are tons of apps out there that apply effects or allow you to manipulate them and make them look as good as possible. But when you realize you have a passion [...]

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New Penny Auctions

Be Careful With New Penny Auction Sites

It is highly recommended to steer clear of new penny auction sites, since they have not built up a reputation and have a high risk of being scams. Since there is little information and ratings available to new penny auction sites, you would be taking a huge risk in [...]

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Unauthorised Credit Card Charge

Do Not Enter Your Credit Card Information Unless You Want to Be Charged!
You should take extra precautions when entering your credit card information online since the possibility is extremely likely that your information may be compromised or you may get charged even if you don’t purchase something.
This happens often on penny auction websites which ask [...]

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Penny Auction Scripts

Lately we have seen a rise in the number of new penny auction sites. We don’t have a problem with any new penny auction that is legit, however upon further inspection of these new sites, we noticed that the majority of them all look very similar.
We believe this is possibly due to a penny auction [...]

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Cash Auctions

Cash auctions are starting to become more and more popular among penny auction sites these days. The most common amount of cash is about $5oo. But the truth is… everybody wants cash! the reason these types of auctions are becoming more popular is simply because penny auction sites make a lot of profit from them.
Niche [...]

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Buying And Selling

This is an exciting post for us because it is something we have done for a while now and have had good success doing it.
What is it we do? we win items on penny auctions and sell them for profit, of course this isn’t a 100% reliable business strategy so don’t go quiting your day [...]

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Common Bidding Mistakes

The number one reason penny auction sites get a bad rep is because people sign up, start bidding and they don’t win. So they go around shouting about how penny auction sites are scams. The truth is… they aren’t scams. But, there is a certain amount of luck involved no matter how good your strategy [...]

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