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Beezid Strategy

If you have read our Beezid review then you will know that Beezid is in our top 5 penny auctions.
We loved how they were trying to spice up the penny auction industry by implementing new features such as the balloon auctions and power bid.
When you learn how to use these features correctly, you will greatly [...]

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Dealdash Strategy

As we mentioned in our review, Dealdash is our favorite penny auction site. We have used Dealdash more then we have of any other penny auction site for reasons we mentioned in our review. Because of this, we thought about sharing some tips and strategies that we use to win.
Because having a strategy in place [...]

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Madbid Strategy

Having the right strategy in place when it comes to bidding on Madbid is very important. We see many people asking us how to win, and when they explain how and when they bid – theres usually no strategy in place whatsoever.
In this post our aim is to help you use some of Madbid’s exclusive [...]

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Penny Auctions Strategies & Walkthroughs

When it comes to penny auctions, having the right strategy is crucial. We see many people complaining about how they keep losing and when we ask them how they bid… they would just bid randomly when they think the time is right. This very rarely works.
The key to winning is developing a good bidding plan [...]

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What Is A Penny Auction

So what exactly is a penny auction? A penny auction is in most cases a website which lists items up for auction. But what differs a penny auction from a regular auction is the fact that all the items will start at $0.01 and the price will go up by one penny every time somebody [...]

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